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got any foam to bash?
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near 500 sqin seems more like a pair of direct drive lower current (15-20amp brushless motors, (yes, mega 22/10/6 of Phasor 15/4 on 7 cells each might get you 20 amps or so on some 8" 3 bladers

geared 480's would be another way out. or geared mega 16/15/x motors in brushless.

You would definately have to build it like a BIG Guillows kit to fly it on geared 400's. very light weight stick construction with little sheeting.

Watts = volts x amps. We generally use 1v/cell for an estimate before we take a whatt meter reading.

Dont be afraid of a 15% flat bottomed or 2215 (or 2315 to move the high point back) even in a model this small. A lumbering model like a DC-3 will not really notice the difference. I would thin it to no less than 12% at the tip though, just to keep the LE radius from getting too small and causing pre-mature tip stall. Best to twist the wing about 3-4 degrees regardless of airfoil used.

Good Luck
Tom Hunt
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