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Originally Posted by Szymon Bartus
Why do you think so Smyk?.
None of my statements reflect what I think about it
I have simply called Mr Krymski and listened to his comments about how overly difficult charging and discharging of multicells LiPo issue is.
I have discussed this matter with my club's electric guru Fred T(electronic professional) who has probably every top of the line charger in his shop and he supports the opinon that Inflex and Reverse charging has to go to make the PULSAR operate through balancer permanently built in

Originally Posted by Szymon Bartus
I don't see any problem here, the balancer connectors are pretty small..
The issue with connectors is not quiet established yet.
As soon the number of cell increases it could be really complicated ( 12!)
Many current balancers, besides standardized outlets, have universal hook ups with tighting screws to solve the aggrevation, but confusion grows with the number of cells anyway.

Originally Posted by Szymon Bartus
I'm not a charger freak but how the charger without balancer can detect the imbalance in pack? This for sure won't replace the normal balancer circuit..
Then what is your primary interest in this field??
You can have charger charging and balancing every individual cell separatly - usally 3-4 cells and it is a best bet for LiPo pack user only.
You can have a balancer - monitor build into charger and be stuck with it.
you can have a balancer - monitor plugged between charger and battery pack
and with a little expense, pick the best balancer for your application regarding the number of cells and configuration.
you can have the balancer integrated with the battery packs allowing the batteries to be monitored while on charge, power flight (early shut off), discharge or storage time. In the event of a large number of cells or packs being partially parallel and partial in the series who knows if it is not the best solution at the given amount of money.
It is not a charger detecting unbalanced cells, the balancer is.
It is only questioned how it handles voltage instability.
It is optimal to put 4, 6 or 8 cell balancer in not so ambitious charger
If the charger is ambitious, the use of other options widens the use of its primary features

Originally Posted by Szymon Bartus
I still see no reason for don't having build-in balancer in such charger.
Instead of wandering around, be creative and call Elprog and tell them (in your native language) how old and outdated PULSAR 2 charger is. They might not know what you know. Then listen to what they have to say, make all possible notes and come back with some solid data.
Or call Shultze (in another native language) and ask them when are they going to come up with some pro-consumer (like yourself) charger and specify your exact needs in this matter to them. What are they going to say? I'm curious too.
What you are doing is not very constructive.
You must be very young or inexperienced.

In my opinon Universal PULSAR 2 charger is a jewel with some rare features packed in the smallest box on the market. Adding its precision and reliability, it can do marvelous things for you (including charging large LiPo packs) - just give it a chance.

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