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I'll take a stab at it..


You might find that 1/32 sheeting is awful thin and can be difficult to handle on a plane this size. Have you run the wing area?

In terms of airfoils- I wouldn't trust the Guillow's stuff very far. Full scale airfoils are no help at model sizing. There are a bunch of foamie DC3s out there in this size range- if they fly OK, steal their airfoil.

In terms of power systems- an 8 x 6 three blader on probably 175 watts or so should have ample power reserve. (I fly a P-38- 4.5 lbs, 200 watts per motor- flies like a P-38- I figure a DC-3 doesn't need quite that level of power, but having some extra on tap is not a bad thing-= 350 watts (175 x 2) should be plenty.)

If you're willing to do the $$$ of brushless, then your setup works fine- basically do two motors, and ESCs- you might get away with one battery though, but if you don't mind charging two, that works well. (that's what I'm using.)

Brushless motor suggestions- the simple and easy system that comes to mind is either a Jeti 15/4, or a Mega 22/10/6. Run the motors on 7 cells- you should hit 175 watts or so on that prop (guessing a bit here- I run two bladers) A pair of 4/5 AUP 1700 NiMH cells- you'll be up there for a long time, lots of power, about as light as it gets- your total motor system should be about 22 ounces- competitive with glow in my book. Plus if your bird gets a little porky, add and extra cell, run a two blade prop, and you'll have 400 watts easy- probably enough for a 6 lb bird. I hate gearboxes- for your setup they're unnecessary unless you go to brushed motors.

The cheaper alternative if you come in light is the 450 Turbo motor- run one ESC and battery pack- should be close to the same weight, but would be happier in a 4 lb airplane. Some folks are flying Beauforts using this motor- you need to go down to 7 cells though which gives you 300 watts total (and not as efficient as the brushless either, although not bad.)

Hope this helps,

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