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Well I got impatient today and after I took my Wife to work, I finished up the basic on this Wild-Cat Boomer, to do a maiden flight. The wind was calm and the sun was getting low, so I was running out of time.
I hadn't decided how I would attach the fuselage, so I just taped it on, since it only holds the batt. I used a 340 Kokam 3 cell and taped it on as well. I don't want to cut a slot for it just yet. I ran out of the correct push rod size, so I went smaller. It worked ok, but flexed more than I'd like.
So I got to the field just as the sun was setting. I ruff set the C/G 1/2" behind where my Wild Wing-Lite was and gave it a unpowered toss into the grass, with all the trims set to level.
I lucked out and it glided perfect, to about 40 ft away. So I powered it up and gave it a toss, then hit the gas!
Wow!, all I got to say is; you should have been there! It flew on 50% power, climbed better than 45 degrees and floated real nice for a faster airfoil wing.
I put it through some progressive manuvers to see what it would do. Stalls, loops, rolls and just jurking it around and recovering. No bad habits. It will snap loop and turn real tight.
When I got back, after about 12-15minutes of flight, the 340mah batt was still at 11.4v, so I could have flown even more. I just checked the weight, 6.6ozs!
Thats less than some of my GWS pico Sticks I used to have.
Next I'll get all the finishing touches done and test fly some different C/G possisions, then I've got to get it out on a windy day. Thats no problem around here!
Then since the Wild-Cat and the Wild Wing-Lite have the same power plant and set-up, another member, PaulVi and I are going to do a flight compairison together.
They both start out as Wild Wings and weigh almost the same. Paul flys several wings, so it should be fun. I'll post some more pics later. Butch
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