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Originally Posted by ktoey
The other day, I spent a long time looking for my F-80 at Temple Hill, finally found it.
I did not have a Lost Model Alarm.... I am planning to equip all my slopers with one.
In the mean time, I put reflective tapes on my F-80.
The slope at Temple is visible from the road and I can come back in the evening with a search light !.
Gawd recoveries on Temple Hill are a bitch! Being a novice, I had to do several recoveries on Temple Hill in the latter half of this year, and every one was sheer agony. There are no deer/animal trails on that hill! After pushing through the thistles, nettles, foxtails, and the other thorns, I was glad to reach a patch of cactus each time, just to get a little break. Once my plane ended up in a patch of cactus at the bottom of the gully about halfway down the hill. Extracting it from the cactus was the easy part! Now I am very careful to try to crash-land onto the ridge below to the left if I get in trouble, and I just walk back down to the car without a launch if the conditions seem too marginal on top. I should get a lost plane alarm too, and the reflective tape is a great idea. Once I tried to point my high beams up there, hoping to spot the plane, had to come back the next morning. Would have had a better chance with reflective tape.
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