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I am not looking for any argument here, and I did understand what you were communicating.

I'm simply bringing up the point that with the CF tube supported in this fashion, cutting long lengths of material will be very difficult to hold steady.

Ever watch a machinest 'parting off' a finished component on a lathe? The cut-off tool is always located close to the lathe chuck, never at a distance. This minimizes errors caused by flexing of the material being cut. And CF tubing does flex, it's this flexing which can cause the cutting tool to gouge and catch ahold of the material being cut resulting in injury.

But each of us has our own technique, one that works for us and this forum provides a means of disseminating that information.

Believe me, I've seen my share of 'industrial' accidents to warrant my position here.

I'd recommend that instead of holding the drill in your hand that you lock it up in a bench vise. That way you can guide the end of the CF rod adjacent to the cutting area. No chance of it whipping about.

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