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Originally Posted by Freakflyin
Here's the Mfg. website.... with construction info...
Manufacturer V. J. V. VALENTA MODEL
Wing span 3 500 mm
Elevator span 680 mm
Lenght 1 500 mm
Aerofoil MH 32
Elevator profil NACA 009
Wing area 68 dm2
Elevator area 7,5 dm2
FIying weight - glider 2 000 g ( 74.4 ounces )
Wing Ioading glider 29,4 g/dm2

Can someone convert the wing area and wing loading for me?

The MH32 airfoil has had a very good following. The Agea, and I belive the original Mantis, had MH32 airfoils. I fly in the Eastern Soaring League and they have been very popular with pilots in the ESL.

Liberator, your story sounds similar to mine but you may have more experience. I have been flying for about 3.5 years, do a lot of training of new pilots, though most are on small electric planes. I have been flying ESL contests for 2 years but have not been real serious about it. This year I moved from an old Airtronics Legend ( 2.9M and 78 ounces) to a bagged wing plane at 3.1M and 58 ounces. What a difference!

Best of luck with the new plane. I know I will be following the build!
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