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Ok....finally got the differential throttle to work correctly with DX6. After all this BS I went through, I still couldnt figure out what was wrong. I even tried it using a JR7202 radio and it did the same thing(one side would spin faster then the other). So, I deleted everything, wiped the model memory and rebinded the rx just to be sure no blips of anything was left over.
So now, it works fine.
Mix A 4 1 +50/+50
Mix B 4 6 -50/-50
Mix c 1 6 +100/+100

If the wrong motor spins up or slows down with rudder input, simply swap the plugs from channel 1 and channel 6 or change the mix on A and B to a positive amount if it was negative and vice versa.

Additonally, you have to set the travel adjust on channel 6 to 0. Now, this applies to both flap toggle positions and I may have overlooked doing this for the up position...but I dont know. I thought I did everything the first time...but works now.

Horizon had given me a +100/+100 and -100/-100 for Mix A and B, but that made the plane too uncontrollable on the ground cuz it would lift one wing up off the ground due to centrifugal force cuz it spun around so fast in the turn. I reduced the mix to 50% and it still turns very fast but is manageable now.
I hope this helps anyone wishing to do this to save weight of a nose gear servo or have some form of rudder control in the air without cutting the rudders out and adding servos. I will now pull out the nose gear servo all together Yeah!!!
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