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thanks for the input; I'm starting off using a fair amount of reflex at the trailing ends of the swept-back wings, which should offer some fairly good stability. I have yet to do the final heat tempering that will set this reflex in place.

I cut out two sets of 61" span wings while I was laying this SOARBIRD out directly on the Bluecor, so I can always try variations on the second. (There's lots more black EPP around too, so I'll be able to possibly play with body variations later.) Plans will be drawn up later; I have only rough notes & sketches for now.

This flying wing is built flat on the building surface after the undercamber is formed in each wing half.

The balsa dowels get glued to the leading edges before the two halves are glued together at the center joint. I then fit / sand the center joint for a close fit, then 'woodpecker' the Bluecor joint faces so that the 5 minute epoxy I use can penetrate deeper into the Bluecor structure. (I'm a fan of five minute epoxy for certain jobs, & this is one of them.)

Once the epoxy has set, I turn over the wing and lay in the one-piece Carbon Fiber spar tube; it runs span-wise, crossing 1-1/2" in front of the center area of the trailing edge. It's glued into a pressed groove with foam-safe CyA, then overlaid with Scotch "Extreme" cross-filament tape.
(The wing is flat in this area, allowing for use of the one piece spar; an angled joiner at the center would be needed if a builder decided to install a spar in another location.)

[The K.I.S.S. principle is implemented in this build, with a bit of T.L.A.R. thrown in now & then to keep it simple & fun! The test flights & final setup adjustments will be the final word on obtaining the desired flight performance envelope.]

I also formed / warped another piece of the bamboo rod (from the matchstick blind) as a cross-brace on the underside just back from the wing's front center; it's inset into the foam, glued in place with the foam safe CyA.

The 'feather- edged' elevons are tape hinged in place.

This wing is close to ready for a base coat of paint; I may do the first one in basic black (Krylon H2O) for the contrast against the sky, just to get it in the air quickly, and save the fancier art work for a later edition after I'm past the 'proof of concept' stage.

More later!

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