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Originally Posted by Tommy D

Could you contact Horizon and say "Hello thanks for the mixing info, but it does not work" and wait for them to respond? I have a few club members who have cursed and screamed when setting mixes on the Spektrum DX6 box. They were trying to set all kinds of features on the MUS useing 4 wing servos. I consider these people experts and their final conclusion was that "Horizon is full of %$#@!" .

I hope you have better results! Give Horizon a call, ask for the radio dept and have at it!

Tommy D
I did call Horizon and they acted like I was some dumb fu#! who didnt know anything. The guy kept telling me to set the servo travel adjust for the flap channel at zero. Ok two things wrong with that...A...there is no servo for the motors since this is electric plane. B) setting the flap channel at zero basically tells the channel not to do anything. I told the guy on the phone that doing this would make no difference.....he was adiment that it would work and this was what I was doing wrong. Well guess didnt work. I had described to him that I did get the rudder to channel 1 and rudder to channel 6 to work thereby creating a differential thrust based on rudder input(all while NOT setting travel adjust to anything other then default)....the problem is getting channel 6 to follow channel 1 as far as the throttle stick movement is concerned. Of course, the guy on the phone acted like a know it all and came up wrong. Seems like the same situation your friend encountered.

rdeis...the DX6 is basically a JR radio. Its the same channel setup, the same programming as an equivalent 6 channel computer JR radio. Its the same way for the soon to be released DX7. It is the same exact programming as the JR 7202 and the same exact case...just in the Spektrum charcoal gray color.
I do have a JR 7202 and I might try to set up the mixes on this to see if I can get it to work. I am simply thinking the programming for the DX6 may not be good enough to do this differential setup.
The flap switch does have effect...but only to either put full on throttle using the mix, or no throttle at all.
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