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I cannot drop the landing gear as they are already glued in place.
I am also having trouble getting the differential thrust to function right on the DX6. I can get the rudder input to affect rpm speed of one motor or the other, but having issues getting channel 6 to follow channel 1. As it is, I had to adjust the mix percentages given from Horizon just to get the rudder to specific motor mix to work without going full on/off like the 100% Horizon gave me. I also had to trim the throttle down in order to get one motor to shut off at down stick position, as well as setting a subtrim number on the flap channel(6). I may just drop the whole idea.....I know it'll work in practice, but maybe the Dx6 is just not robust enough to get the programming to do this correctly.
What is weird is that one motor will want to spool up faster then the other one when whatever rudder stick is applied, even when the percentages of the mix are the same respective to the channel. For instance, push left rudder and the right motor spins up, push right rudder and the left motor spins up somewhat faster then the right motor did with opposite rudder input.
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