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Kahloq, I'm not the first to fly mine. Maybe the first one in Canada though? I'd like to know how many of these went out in the early bird program.

My AUW is right on 30 oz's, and I thought that was too heavy. I was hoping for less weight, but that paint really added up. Also, a full ounce of lead on the tail for balance didn't help.This is with a TP 2100 3 cell, and no landing gear. I left out as much of the plastic fastener bits GWS supplies as I could, my plane is all glued together, so the wings don't come off for transporting. I used foam safe CA as much as possible.

My plane uses a pair of Himaxx 2015-4100's, and with those flies a bit too sedately for me. I'm regretting my choice in motors now, and will probably do a refit with some sorta outrunner. The key for me though, is to keep the amp draw down. Right now I'm at around 250 watts of power at around 24 amps draw at WOT. I know mine is lacking in rpm's, and that's what I need to increase. I don't want to go any higher on amp draw, it's hard on batteries and the heat will build up fast in the tiny pod area for the esc's and batteries etc. Anyway, the handling and flight characteristics of my plane are fine, it's just a bit lacking in speed. I know if I went to a pair of apc two bladed props I would pick up some speed, but I really like the looks of those 3 blades on mine. I figured out my wing loading at about 14 oz's per foot.

Yours is coming in heavy, K. With that weight, it will have condsiderably different flight characteristics than mine. Perhaps leave off the landing gear as one weight loss option? A pair of Park 370's at 38 or so ozs, I'm sure will fly it, but I think you'll end up in the sub-scale speed category. Hope this helps,
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