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Boomers!! Parkflyers for Beginners to Pros! Vid post 125

Boomers! A twin boom plane like the Cessna SkyMaster, also known as a Cat type plane, like Aero-Cat or Bob-Cat, etc.
I've been experimenting with planes that will fly in very small areas on a windy day. Like right in front of my house, on the street.
It also had to survive impacting cars, light poles, trees and the ground, etc.
So it was best to be a pusher, EPP foam, light weight, high power to weight ratio, slow flight, airfoil for the wind, quick turning, high wing helps, good crash survivability and cheap and easy to build. No Prob! Right!!
Beginners also need most of these requirements.

So after some experimenting with a lot of different types, I built a Boomer I call a Slo-Cat, because I used a Slofly EPP Flying Wing for the wing cores.
At 6ozs, with 12ozs of thrust, can fly in 15mph winds and into a 2 car garage and out, its a lot of fun.
I started to let my students fly it on days that were too windy for their beginner planes and most did very well.

Most beginners need a pusher to survive the crashes. But most the beginner pushers are speed 300 or 400 motors, with small props. on medium to large planes, that really need some space for a beginner to fly.

So I've been experimenting with boomers, made from different EPP type planes, that are currently available at a decent price.
And I decided to set them up first, with cheap brushed motors and lipos, so the beginner can get started without so much cash.
The 1st Boomer is my Slo-Cat, Then I built a Stryker Boomer, with a GWS 350. Now I'm building a Wild Wing Boomer, A Wild-Cat, you could call it.
I first built a Wild Wing-Lite, with a GWS IPS motor. It flys quite well. I have a Thread on it over in the Flying Wing Forum.
First, here's some pics of my Slo-Cat Boomer. Butch
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