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E-Max 2210/25 and 2210/30

Do not try this at home!

The prop recommendations and associated data sheets for these two E-max motors (as published on the XUS Hobby website - are dangerously incorrect.

For the 2210/25, the performance figures given are for use of the 10x5 APC E prop on 2s - indicating an amp draw of 13A. For the 2210/25 just an 8x4 GWS HD on 2s voltage (6.9v) drew 14.80A! This prop (and a 7x5 APC E, which draws 15.00A @ 6.9v) are about as much as this motor can handle on 2s. I found that excellent props for this motor, on 3s, were the 5.1x4.9 Zagi Carbon: 10.9v, 13.45A, 147W, 18150rpm, 84.2mph, 477g, 16.80oz, 3.24g/W or the 7x3.5 GWS HD: 10.9v, 16.70A, 180W, 17190rpm, 57.0mph, 794g, 27.96oz, 4.41g/W. With neither of these props, did the motor temperature, at the end of a standard series of bursts to WOT, exceed 44C.

For the 2210/30, the performance figures given are again for use of the 10x5 APC E prop, but on 3s - indicating an amp draw of 17A. For the 2210/30 the 8x4 GWS HD on 3s voltage (10.9v) drew 15.50A, and a 10x5 APC E at only 7.8A drew 15.70A [imagine what it would try to pull on 3s (10.9v)]. In both cases, after very short runs, the motor temperature had soared to over 70C. A good, if conservative, prop for this motor is again the 7x3.5 GWS HD: 10.9v, 9.40A, 102W, 14400rpm, 47.7mph, 529g, 18.63oz, 5.19g/W. [the motor temperature rose only 1C - from 36C to 37C - during the series!] The 7x5 APC E is a possibility: 10.9v, 16.00A, 171W, 11250rpm, 53.3mph, 625g, 22.01oz, 3.66g/W - but the motor temperature was over 60C at the end of the series. I am sure that the stated 17A max is unreasonable for this motor.

It seems illogical that the higher Kv motor - 2210/25 (2100Kv) - should have a lower max amp rating (13A) than has the lower Kv 2210/30 (1400Kv) motor (17A). Perhaps these max amp ratings, like the ridiculous prop sizes, are simply typographical errors.

Be careful out there!

Cheers, Phil
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