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Riot First flight...

Well, I also picked one of these up and I'm glad that I read all the postings first.

Number one, the kit is well made, but they don't talk at all about opening up places in the fuse for the battery and receiver access, also there isn't much place to put the battery, I wound up gluing in a cross brace of balsa in the nose section to put velcro on to hold the battery.

The hardware is really garbage, it took me probably 4-5 hours of screwing around cleaning up all the flash on the z bends and reaming out the control horns to get them to fit without breaking or being too tight, and reaming out the holes so the carbon rods would fit, and I think the standoffs are too short. I glued a piece of stiff plastic tube onto the end of the standoff to make it slightly longer.

Mine is set up with the recommended outrunner motor, gws nano receiver, one futaba 3110 micro and two slightly larger 8 gm micro servos. I have the recommended silver speed control and wound up using a thunder 730 3s pack since I needed the weight to get near the recommended CG(I'm slightly behind nominal but in front of the rearmost recommended). All up weight with decals was just over 9 oz, the airframe with speed control and motor was around 6 so 8 would be really hard to do.

Flight. I'm so glad I read the posts on the toning down the throws with dual rate and putting exponential on the rudder. Set up somewhere inbetween nominal and high rate recommended(1/2 inch for ailerons, 3/8 for elevator and 5/8 for rudder with expo). It took off of a hard runway very quickly and due to no tail wheel the drag kept it tracking pretty straight, no problems. It took a bit of down trim but aileron was ok. Same as others had posted, this is really really really pitch sensetive, even with minimal elevator. Set up with minimum throws it performs like a pretty good aerobatic airplane(about like a mini ultra stick) except for the pitch(did I say really sensetive?). On high rates I've never seen anything roll this quick, at least four per second, just tap the aileron full deflection on the stick and let go, about as fast as you can, and you have one complete roll.

Flew for about 15 minutes before it cut out and it flew pretty reasonable, with most manouvers at 1/3 throttle or a bit less.

The problem I have with it are the hardware, and once you setup the standoffs for the carbon rods, it is hard to move the throws on the control arms, they are really way too much movement, and dual rate doesn't really give the same precision of movement that a full throw servo connection closer to the spline would have.

But performance wise, I'm pretty impressed, with the stock setup and that 730 battery at 9 oz, I think it's pretty rediculous, if you can get it lighter with a 3s and have it ballance right, it would be nuts. I don't know of I would fly it in a cul-de-sac or street, but any park woul do as long as you had a hard place to land to prevent ripping off the wheel pants(I actually set up my first two landings on short grass, and other than rotating the wheel pants around, it didn't damage them.)

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