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I flew it again this evening and got 5-7 minutes of mixed flying and the battery was not 100% topped off. The elevator issues were alot better today bu there still is a bit of instability it seems at times. I am going to try it indoors when I get a chance as the slightest amount of wing will cause it to sideslip a bit. I was able to get a few hovers in today and felt comfotable enough to do a tail touch in a harrier/hover. Knife edge flight is horrendous though with ALOT of coupling. Just need to sit down and figure out a mix i guess as it is pretty much impossible without it I think. When I roll into KE and start to apply a hint of rudder it will roll 180 degrees before you can catch it. Pitch coupling is there but it is more roll coupling that anything else. Again this this excels at high alpha, harriers and the like. Snaps were ok but I still need more aileron throws to speed things up. Due to the coupling, rolling harriers are pretty much off limits now as well. Waterfalls both ways are very tight and for the most part it will track straight through the maneuver. If I can get this thing to KE and lose just a bit of weight (still waiting on the de novo) I will be happy.
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