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Originally Posted by tallflyer
peter what video system are you using!
I've been using BWAV's KX141 and the 50 mw tx. I usually get very good range, but I really think the trees cut down the range. When I turned right towards a little island even though I was very close I would lose the signal.

The weak link in my system is the Sony camcorder. If I send the signal to my portable DVD player the KX141 images are sharp as a tack, but the analog input on the Sony was not made for that kind of resolution. I use the DVD player to focus the camera, and that's how I discovered how mediocre the analog input on the Sony is.

I am planning to try the Arcos AV500, but though I have it I didn't want to start experimenting so far from home. I also recently got the BWAV diversity rx and the 11 dBi dual patch antenna. I have been using his plain vanilla rx and an 8 dBi patch.

I want to stick all this gear on a board and put that on a pack frame. I also want to record audio on the ground and feed that in if the situation warrants.

Using the Arcos will free up the camcorder and I could get pictures of the plane from the ground at the same time, increasing the editing possibilities.

I also have the head tracking video goggles, but the pico Tigermoth might be a bit small for a tilt and pan. I've got an Easy Star set up for that, but haven't had the chance to fly it yet. I'm using BWAV's 200 mw tx in that.

It sounds like a lot of gear, but over time I just accumulated this stuff without trying.

I love the tigermoth since I can fly it anywhere, which is not the case with bigger planes.

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