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On Board Video Lands in the Drink

Some things don't work out as planned.

I wanted to fly my GWS pico Tigermoth around a lake in Vermont. I managed to clip a tree on my first takeoff (not shown) and get everything wet. The radio, servos, ESC and video gear all seemed fine so I decided to give it a shot after testing everything.

The first flight was uneventful, but during the second I started getting weird lines in the video. I didn't see this at the time because I was flying the plane. About two minutes into the flight I suddenly lost power and the plane just settled into the lake. The image from the camera was pretty poor at that point because the video tx was under water!

My friend retrieved the plane and held it up for me and I had full control. While it was in the boat the motor started spontaneously, but not at full throttle. Worked fine ashore except that low motor was a sort of fast idle.

My CC Phoenix 10 amp esc was soaked as was my video tx. The camera had only a few drops on the outside. Everything worked fine that night, so a short exposure to fresh water does not seem especially harmful to anything but my ego.

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