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Ed - you're frustrated and as far as I can see Orbit is trying to figure this out. In order to do so they need as much info as possible hence their request for such. At any rate you should make arrangmenents with them for how to conduct a return, either direct to them or to the vendor you purchased the charges from.

Since you have two chargers that stopped working I'd think you either got very unlucky or you could have a PSU problem. Discharging 30cells of 3600mAh capacity will get the Orbit hot, very hot if it got poor cooling. Heat can seriously damage microprocessors and electrical components such as memory etc. The Orbits are in fact a computer, would you like to run your home PC at 200degF? Please dont take this as me pointing a finger at you because I really isnt. I always try to look at the variables and in eflight there are many...
Even high-end equipment can fail...

Best of luck, I hope you'll resolve your issues with Orbit and get back in the game real soon.
Please keep us updated on your progress.

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