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Originally Posted by Smooth Spanky
Thanks for the info, nice looking plane by the way.

What motor/battery/prop would you recommend?
my recommendations are in the info file
I was using a cdrom type of motor bought for 15. from YT intenational.

its now available for 7.95 from robot (1300kv version)

It is light weight and very powerfull, I use an 11.1v 1000 lipo, a gws8x4 speed (not slow fly) prop cut down by 10mm each tip. gives 9000 revs 12oz+ thrust at less than 5A.
The plane flies easy at 1/2 throttle and just over 1/2 throttle gives 8 1/2 oz thrust.

crusing arround I get 20min+ flights. Full power gives better performance in windy conditions

dont worry too much, use whatever you have, axi2208/34, bell type21, hyperon. all should perform ok. Just adjust width of rear body to allow for the prop size you use or stick with an gws 8x4 or cut down prop version

I am all for using the cheap gear.. plenty of good cheap motorsand batteries on ebay or find one at a show..

dont worry about adding more weight

In the construction use plenty of 2" packing tape, clear if you are painting or coloured like mine if you want it bright
tape reinforce all joins,I use 1" clear for this, leading edges, bottom of fuzes
The tape put top and bottom of the wing makes the depron stiffer and less likely to be damaged. I use tape hinges full width on the ailerons and elevators,top and bottom again

heres a pic of the motor and another of my designs showing how much tape you can use
davereap is online now Find More Posts by davereap
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