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Originally Posted by Mr.Pibb
Only when it's breezy. My F-27B did that when it ran into turbulence, I coudn't figure it out at first but then noticed it didn't do it when the weather was calm.

BTW, to answer one of my earlier questions about NiMH batteries and the Stryker C...I don't know because I wound up buying the RTF version instead of the PNP. Even if I do upgrade to a DX6 radio later, since I didn't already have LiPos or a charger it seemed to make sense to pay $90 more than the PNP and get I was ready to fly it in just a couple hours!

And holy cow, this thing is a big leap over the B! I knew it would be faster, I just didn't realize how much faster. Scared the outta me when I launched it the first time. The controls felt a little different and I pulled back and throttled up to avoid hitting a tree after launch...launch is a good word! It took me a few seconds to get my bearings after accelerating going nearly vertical.

yeah, they sure are, I got the six series brushless as I said before and new servos and stuff and put it all on the B..not much different thant he C...I even used the old motor fine with a 5x5 prop don't know how fast it is but it is pretty scary, haven't lost thust power to weight in any vertical climbs, just keeps gettin smaller and smaller and then it is into the clouds....way up there where you cant hear it anymore!

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