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Originally Posted by crosborne
Respect the Lipo!! Treat them well and they will treat you well. If you don't k now what you are doing you can swell one or burn one up.

I crashed my "C" model so I clipped the wings to get rid of the messed up parts, got a new servo and made new tail fins too. The next Stryker body will have the orange and black tiger scheme depicted on the tail fins.
I just finished mine. Last night I cut stencils for the right wing to add tiger stripes that were identical to the stock F-27 C. I used a thin cardboard box & an exacto knife, and it took more than an hour. After testing on white paper I decided that I should have used poster board or construction paper for the stencils. After considering the time, the fact that my hand was purple from shoving the knife through the cardboard for an hour, and the slightly fuzzy edges from the rough cuts, I trashed them . If you decide to add the stripes, it may help to make seperate stencils to navigate the slots for the tail stabs. Also, just the simple Orange/Black Paint scheme I used took several 'prep' products, and several days to complete. Being a professional painter, I tried to improve on the methods pioneered on this board. Too soon to know though, but the solvent based materials I added to the loop do a much better job prepping the surface for paint, and protecting it once applied. If anyone is interested, message me.

Has anyone ever had problems fitting their gear into the fuse? I'd imagine that some of the Mega setups would use larger recievers. Cutting into the bottom won't help me because of the CF rod that runs along the bottom. I did notice that the hatch set for the B & C are different. The louvred back hatch on the C looks lower, but more ventilated than the harder looking plastic version for the B. Would the B hatch set provide adequate ventilation for the LIPO & Electronics, while increasing the head room for my electronics? The heat shrink coating of the wires leading to everything but the ESC were damaged do to the factory cramming them in.
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