Thread: Download 24" span SU27/Eagle/f22 trio
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Simple Profile Propjets ....all sorts..... SU27/Eagle/f22/SU37

Here are some plan drawings for my versions of the su27 or Eagle, F22 and SU37

They are originaly based on the ikarus no....5

Construction has been kept as simple as possible, all flat sheet, all joints are straight edge to surface, no tricky tongue and slots.
The more up to date models have been updated with the KF wing section...The flat plate earlu SU27 and Eagle both flew well but my preference now is for a KFm4 wing section..... the KFm2 is also good, and both KF sections have advantages over the simple flat plate wing build

27" spanIve been making these is various sizes ... from an indoor micro SU37 which flies at 98gms on a 5gm motor ...up to a big F22 which is 36" in span and runs on 600W..... that one is a rocket !

Performance is excellent using all the cheapest bits I could find
...revised COG for first safe flight...for the 24" SU and the Eagle 4-4 1/2 inches, measured forward from the aileron hinge line/ CF mian spar
For the bigger F22 6.5" in front of the hinge line works a treat

27" span....f22 model ..... video..
F22 raptor KFm4 session 2 (3 min 26 sec)

36" span ..F22
Big'n propjet on the go (5 min 13 sec)
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