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Originally Posted by Highflight
Who gives a d*** about reform?

It's not about changing people from being who they are. Evil people are evil people and that's what they are.

It's not about punishment either, because if there was EVER a hint of punishment in the American justice system, it was removed a long time ago.

It's ALL about confinement in order to protect the people in society who matter from those who don't.

Animals who victimize others don't matter anything to anyone, so just keep them locked up in a very small space until they have a chance to die and relieve the rest of humanity from their existence. They had their chance at life, now get rid of them so that others can have their chance at life and making a decent existence for themselves without the scum of the earth getting in their way.

Tell me Punkie; how many of your societal pieces of trash does YOUR country "reform"?

Frankly I have no idea how many get reformed. But some do. I have worked with, drank with and passed time with people who have done bad things. Some are people who should be locked up for ever, some are people who just made a mistake and will never commit a crime again, but most and that includes my nephew, are people who make bad choices and sometimes they can be helped to make the right choices, not always but some times. Just locking people up for ever if they commit a crime is a crazy and expensive way of treating the problem, at what point do you start locking them up for ever. If you are only going to lock them up for a short while how do you stop them committing crime when they are released? the very act of putting them in with other criminals encourages them to commit crime as they are surrounded by people who will see criminal behaviour as normal. Reforming them is both helpful for them but for society as a whole.
Prison is part of the answer but not all. As for this boy, thankfully he was caught. But when you where a boy did you never do or think something stupid? OK it will not be anything like as bad as these boysí actions but do you think you should be punished for it for the rest of your life?
By the way maybe you should see someone about all this hate you seem to have, if you donít get it sorted its possible you may commit an act you may regret.
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