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Originally Posted by Highflight
A kid who can plan that kind of thing at 15 years old is a lost cause.

My money is that when he gets out at 21 years old, it won't be a year before he hurts somebody... hopefully, himself.

In most of these cases the courts hands are tied by pressident or the age of the accused or some other factor of law, but don't be so sure that he will be released after his six year sentence has been served, there will be alot of evaluating going on in those kids lives as they serve their sentences and if the powers that be feel that they should not be released, chances are they won't.
For example, there's a case in Little Rhodey where a young man with absolutely no remorse was sentenced to serve 4 years for killing a young girl that lived next door to him, at the time he was 14 years old, the girl was 14 years old, she was raped and strangled to death, at fourteen yeas old this kid was six-one and weighed in at 225 lbs., the court could only sentence him to serve time until his 18th birthday, within a year of his release he beat up another kid serving time for being a public nusence or smething, and another year was added to his sentence, five months before being released in the fifth year of his imprisonment he was found guilty of assaulting a guard at the prison and his sentence was increased another 10 years, a year later (last year) he was accused of conspirering with someone on the outside in a plot to kill the guard that accused him and was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.
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