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Diversion Flight report


Just got a Diversion from KBtoys yesterday.

Cute looking little thing. Nothing to setup. Just 6AA batteries in the TX/Charger unit and off you go. Comes in a neat little carrying case so hanger rash should not be an issue.

Sunny Day no wind so I it a try at a local school field. First few flights were disappointing. Climbed out nicely but I couldn't get it to turn right. It would only go left and when it got close to the groud I couldn't recover. Since it has no rudder or elevator it takes a bit to get used to the controls. After each charge I was getting a better climb out. I finally was able to get to turn both directions but be warned that turns usually mean a quick loss of altitude. I'm slowly learning how to pulse the "climb" button to maintain altitude.
It's light weight(mass)makes it relatively impervious to minor crashes. I nosed it into the grass at least 3 times without a scratch. I'd really like to try it indoors..this model cannot not handle any wind in my opinion. Even in a still conditions it was very difficult to land within 50 feet of where I intended. I know I could do better with some practice but this is the most difficult to control plane I have yet to fly. I'll give more flight reports as I go along.

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