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Acted like a gentleman? I brought the product back the next day, in mint condition. You tightened up the blades even though I told you that I had already done that. I did talk to Venom and they agreed with me. You had another one in stock and could have easily swapped it out. As for you trying to say I said things about Cellar, you are full of it. There are numerous past customers of yours, plus others in the business that think of you the same way that I do. Remember a customer Ray who you lied to? How about Bill? Just two that share similar situations to mine. The biggest complaint is that you sell product that you have no experience with, and you bad mouth all of your competition. I gave you a chance, and the first thing I noticed was a cluttered store. You can't even compare to Cellar in product selection, knowledge, and as for price, you only compare when it is brought to your attention. They have a clean store, a good location, and don't resort to trying to buy bus stop signs in front of their competition. Cheap and petty, and you did it to both Cellar and Project. You may think you are smart, but others think you are petty. You even tried to go after one of Cellars staff. Ever wonder why he wasn't interested? It has to do with class and making the customer first, two things that you know nothing about, and that comes from someone who managed a multi million dollar retail store for 5 years. Suck it up, take care of your customers, and then maybe you will get some loyalty. Oh, and by the way, clean up your clutter.
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