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Some people

Originally Posted by Shadrack
Against the advice of some friends, I visited Eliminator RC here in Winnipeg to look around. While I was there, I spotted the Venom Night Ranger II fixed pitch heli and decided that since my Dragonfly had bit the dust, and my Blade was being kept in mint shape, so I dropped the 280 CND for it. Took it home, charged the battery, the next day there was no wind so I go out to the ball field to try it out. Now I have flown before, no expert but no dummy either, so everything was checked, now don't forget that these are supposed to be test flown before they leave Venom. Of course, as soon as it starts to lift off, the fusalage starts to gyrate, and then the main rotor won't stop after I drop the throttle. I reset everything, try again, same thing happens, so instead of messing with things I figure I better take this back as something is wrong.
So, I return, now don't forget, this is the next day after I purchase it. I inform the woman (co owner with her husband Mike) about my problem, and she says she doesn't really know helicopters, so can I leave it there. I do, and about 2 hours later receive a call so I return to the store where her husband awaits. He tells me that the main rotor blades weren't tightened up enough. I inform him that I have tested all of that, to be told "well, that is the fun with helicopters is figuring out how to get them to fly". Now when you buy something tested and flown before it is packed, you don't expect to be screwing around to get it to hover without shaking itself to pieces. I ask to swap with the other exact model that they have on the shelf, and they tell me that they can't do that. Again, one day after, perfect condition, asking to swap for the same model knowing they can send it back for replacement. Nope. Not an option. They send me on my way with no concern for me at all, my money in their pocket, me with a screwed up helicopter, and the husband telling me that he doesn't know helicopters, he knows rc cars but not offering to help me at all.
The next day, feeling slighted, I send them email to let them know I don't feel happy about how this was handled and I wanted to let them know that they could have made this customer happy. Nothing but excuses back, such as how they can't do anything about defective product, basically saying that when you buy there, you take your chances.
Do hobby stores not realize that is why they are losing business. I can buy on the net if I don't want support. When I pay more from a store it is for peace of mind that comes from dealing with people. Well, not at Eliminator RC in Winnipeg it doesn't.
On a good note, their competition Cellar Dweller swapped out a defective Aerobird fusalage 6 months after I had purchased it because it was glitching. I didn't expect him to but it reinforced my belief in the fact that some people actually get it.

Sir I am verry sorry you Have these problems . What we told you was that you have to contact Venom to see what they want to do first since they made the Heli not Eliminator ! especialy since there seemed to be nothing wrong from what I could see . Now I am no expert on Heli's nor is my wife but I do have several including gas . Any ways sorry you have a attitude. You said the same stuff about cellar when you were here but it seems it is a end user problem not the heli . We have had situations where venom told us to give the customer a new one . But you have to call them first to get a approval which then they call us .....

If you would of acted like a gentleman we probaly would of even called them for you !

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