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Originally Posted by alessio70
thanks for the info!! didn't know this sim... tried now on windows and seems to have a very good phisics... and runs smooth even with my poor 16mb graphics card
You're welcome! It does seem like the pearl nobody knows about, doesn't it?
Originally Posted by alessio70
as Mark J said hope they'll add some heli's...
This started out as a glider simulator only, over the last year or so they've added powered models. Perhaps one day helicopters will be added.

I get the impression that not many people are actually writing code for this project - there are few people using Linux on the desktop, and few people who can write code for a simulator, so surely very few who want to work on a simulator for Linux.
Originally Posted by alessio70
now will try on linux too....
Just a quick heads-up, you need OpenGL enabled for CRRCSIM to work on Linux. That requires a video card with OpenGL capable drivers. Most Nvidia cards seem to work great, as long as you use the proprietory Nvidia binary driver (and not the Free "nv" driver). Supposedly some ATI cards work, though there seem to be many people having problems with these.

Older Nvidia cards are very cheap these days, especially the AGP ones which are now obsolete because of PCI-X motherboards. I picked up an Nvidia 6200 card for $50 from Frys Electronics a while ago.

Some distros enable OpenGL automatically, others may require some tweaking - often one has to download the official Nvidia drivers, edit the xorg.conf configuration file and replace "nv" with "nvidia" if using an Nvidia card, and perhaps make a few other slight changes too.

I have had good luck with CRRCSIM on Slackware and Gentoo, and trouble with some other distros I tried.
Originally Posted by alessio70
our RC Joystick NG^2 on linux... it seems to work perfectly under linux too and today I've ported also the assignment configuration utility set_assignments and get_assignments (same source for windows and linux but linked against LibUSB-Win32 and libusb...) and seems to work!!
Excellent! I've been using a Logitech Dual Action USB gamepad as my CRRCSIM controller; CRRCSIM already has the abilitity to read an RC transmitter buddy-box PPM signal from the audio card in the PC, but I couldn't get that working with my Spektrum DX6 transmitter and CRRCSIM 0.9.6 for some reason. Your code for RC Joystick NG^2 will provide another option for interfacing the Tx to CRRCSIM.

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