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I second the vote for the UFO. Simple to make , but flies nicely.

You do not have any RC components at all? Or just no micro stuff?
You'll need a transmitter with elevon mixing for starters.

If you are serious...ill send you a GWS 4ch pico RX for free to start you off. ( i have many just laying around)

The cheapest way to go is brushed setup for motor. Although nowadays a cheap brushless setup is quite doable.

Esc: depends on motor. For brushed motors...I beleive msmith has some for sale..perhaps he will chime in on this. GWS has a 5 amp esc that is cheap yet reliable. Brushless motors...You can get a cheap bl esc for $ 20 some even cheaper.

Motors: To brush or not to brush. Brushed motors are cheaper..but brushless motors are getting cheaper by the day it seems. Many of us have had good luck with a cheap johnson 250 brushed motor. If you want slow flight, a lrger prop would help. Although the j250 with a 4x2.5 prop will kinda fly slow if you want to.

Servos: 2x micro sized ....hitec hs55's are good as well as the GWS pico servos. There are some cheap Bluearrow servos for $9 apeice but they are not the greatest...but will work.

Props: depends on motor and batt.

Battery: here is the tricky part. You'll need to purchase a lithium poly chrger if you go the lithium poly route. A 2 cell lipo works well for brushed setups.
A 3 cel lipo for when you wanna really boogie with a brushless moto !

Off the top of my head there is one place that carries all of this :

Hope this helps !!

Make a'll love it. Join the alien nation


** Tower hobbies has the GWS pico servos for $8 !!! im gonna grab some myself.
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