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Originally Posted by skip63
Thats wild because on my 10th flight I managed to nose it in at 1/2 speed and removed the motor/attachment assembly. It actually came unplugged from the ESC.
Thats what I get for trying an upsidedown fly by at a too steep of a angle of attack.
I have anothe plug in the garage. But that hurts.
Althought the C version motor mount looks more robust, I think that they missed the boat on the redesign. When one crashes it is most often "nose in". This puts the most stress on the forward part of the motor mount. At the most forward part of the motor mount the foam is still relatively thin. The fact that the mount is wider just requires a few more wingspan-wise inches of the foam to be folded and crack or split. In the pictures below of my motor mount reinforcement, I have place two parallel 1" strips of CF on the top and the bottom of the foam and glued them in place with CA. That transfers any forces from any "nose in" crash to the thicker foam more forewared and along side the fuselage.

Just my thinking on the motor mount crash forces and damage minimization.
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