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You can see more pictures on my web page for the Smart. I've tried two different setups for the V-tail. The single HS-81 servo uses a carbon fiber tube with a 2-56 sized Z-bend epoxied into the forward end and couple of threaded 2-56 rod ends soldered together epoxied at the aft end. The dual CS-21bb servo setup uses threaded rod ends epoxied onto .088" carbon fiber rods at both ends. The aft end of both versions uses ball joints. If I did a single servo again, I'd go with an HS-85. I'm currently using the two servos to experiment with rudder, it seems to straighten out the climbs and the V-tail actually works well as a rudder. The glow fliers are astounded by it's arrow straight, rolling climbs. I've raced a local hot rodder with .60 glow powered sport ship to altitude and smoked him! Here's a look at the servo trays I've built. You build them and install the servos and rods before sliding the whole thing back into the fuse and drilling up through the fuse bottom and then the servo tray. A couple of screws driven up from the bottom holds the whole deal in place.

Heres the ball links at the aft end. You have to sand a bit off each plastic ball link to keep them from interfering with each other for ruddervator. Using one servo this shouldn't be a problem.


Changed link so the pics work again.
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