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Originally Posted by FoamCrusher

IME, most people vastly overestimate wind speed. I used to race a one-design sailing dinghy and to really tune our boats we used wind meters - setting the rig tension and mast bend to predetermined points based upon the wind speed. To have it useful at all required accurate measurements, or you were wasting your time.

Once I got a cheap but fairly accurate wind meter I found that most people guessed the wind was about 125% - 150% stronger than the actual reading. So answering your question assumes you can correctly judge or measure the wind speed.

I have flown my A model as a powered airplane in a true wind speed of 14 mph - but it felt like 25 mph. It flies fine as long as you have enough power to not go backwards at WOT, it is the landing that is tricky since it bounces like mad on landing approach. It needs a little more forward CG to make it as stable as possible without pitching up too much in gusts. almost can't hurt it, so go ahead and try in whatever Mother Nature gives you.

Thought about it but I like the paint job.
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