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Twas a calm night, the roaring forst fires filled the sky with a thin layer of smoke. I brought my Stryker out for the first time, with high hopes. My last RC airplane (J-3 Cub) hand fallen to its doom within a few short seconds. But the F-27C brought new hope to my life, a gental toss into the air... SMACK into the ground, a slight scuff on the nose, my faith had taken a swift blow. I tryed 2 more times with no succsess. That was it, it was eather now or never. I gave it full throttle and gave a hard throw. She rocketed into the air, it stund me at first, I backed off the throttle and entered my first turn. I rolled the plane gentaly and gave some up elevator, I sustaned a nice level turn. It was amasing. After a few low and slow passes I landed it, and took it to our biggest section of feild. Loops, rolls, inverted flight, no problem, no radio glitches, nothing, but fun flying. I read the forms and have been following them for a long time. The best advice I would give to a new piolet is barrly move your right stick, it dosent take much to turn it, unless your doing loops and rolls (then go nuts). Never the less this is my first sucesful flight ever for an airplane, and I loved it. After my first flight this is all the damage it took, and it was repared in less than 5 min.
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