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OK, after some thought about adding the small tabs as noseweight I had a wild idea. Either that or I read it here at 2 am this morning and it finally sunk in today.

After carefully oiling the main shaft I slit the nose back today to look at the innards. That little battery cell is cute but it had the wires twisted and there looked to be room to move the battery forward. I heated a small screwdriver tip on the stove and melted a small channel in the foam on each side. This allowed the cell to slide farther forward in the nose. Had to be very cautious here as I didn't want to burn through to the outside of the body.

I untwisted the wires and installed the cell in the channels that were melted out of the foam. It looks to the eye like it's now 1/4" farther forward than when it came from the factory. One small piece of scotch tape holds everything back together.

I also trimmed some of the excess foam from behind the main shaft. It does a slow forward flight without any extra fins or weight added! Cool little airship.
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