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your right in someways about the 2 stage setup. it does solve some issues that are suffered by the normally directily supported pinion gear. however i have some concerns.

gear mesh consistancy is reliant on the engine mount and frame structure. This isnt too much of an issue when your just hovering. Your 150 flights is that 150 flights of 3d? My knight has done double that with no appreciable wear in the main gear. Also 2 stage isnt more efficient basic fact of life, You have a second shaft to spin and smaller gears are less efficient that big gears with lots of teeth. I dunno what you class as smooth but theres nothing smooth about the gear train of the hawk.

the main issue with the starting mechanism is the noise. It makes a dreadful racket that you cant hear if the engine is running or not. Nope sorry you either have a oneway in the start shaft or you dont. one or the other.

compare the levels of slop to a standard raptor. the raptor isnt great but it still whips the hawk. Knight leaves them both standing.

the main issue with the mechanical mix the hawk uses is that it relies on the output shafts of the servos to be slop free. On other helis if you have slop in a servo it basically adds expo. On the hawk slop in the aileron output shaft gives an elevator interaction when moving the collective.

Torque tube better for autos? yeh sure if its driven. Which it isnt. Sure you can buy an upgrade but theres not much point. its a 30 you need all the energy you can get at the bottom.

at the end of the day. Its a cheap heli with mechanical mix badly copied from the shuttle and a sloppy head system which makes it inaccurate. Add to this the lack of a 50 upgrade path and your on to one big looser.

hope that clears things up for you. You never did answer my question, are you a century rep?

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