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We've all been there, where you are now, so don't despair. You could always start with the recommended Speed 400 setup, which could be bought with motor/gearbox/esc/battery right from one supplier, for a reasonable price. I've flown 2 meter sailplanes on geared 400's before, and they did fine, and were heavier than the WindDancer. If you're sure you want to go brushless from the start, try contacting some of the vendors that advertise on the ezone, tell them you want a small brushless setup for a lightweight sailplane, that is speed 400 size and weight, and can use the same batteries. Most of them should be able to recommend something. Some of the vendors, like Kirk at New Creations RC, will even solder up the whole package for plug 'n play simplicity. As for trade-offs, the small brushless motors can be pushed much harder than a speed 400, i.e. more power, but this will require bigger batteries to handle the amps, and this increases your weight. That's the real challenge, increasing power at the same weight. If I were buying it today, I'd look at 8x1100 Hecell Nimh batteries (same size, weight, performance as 600AEs but bigger capacity) and either a Hacker B20-15L geared motor, or a Mega 16/15/7 direct drive motor, with a 9" folding prop for both. I have seen both of these setups fly, and they perform very well, and would no doubt lift the WindDancer with ease. At 20-28 ounces, and a super efficient wing planform, the WindDancer won't need much power to climb well. Let us know what you find, once you start researching.
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