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Being new to electrics, I am still coming to grips with the jargon, the wealth of products that are available, and the peformance/quality/cost tradeoffs when comparing the various products one to another. Beyond that, I am still trying to conquer the fundamental design principles and application considerations underlying equipment selection. Not to mention how these principles can be applied to the WindDancer.

This is a rather long winded way of saying that I have not considered much of anything at this point. In particular, I have not looked at the Hobby Lobby motors.

My initial reaction is that these may save some weight (just under an ounce) and possibly reduce the drive current (by a little more than an amp) for about the same delivered power. But since Hobby Lobby used different props (8.5x6 vs 9X5) and slightly different gearboxes when generating performance data for these motors and a Graupner S400, I have no confidence that the WindDancer's performance would be the same for each system.

Which leads me to my purpose in starting this thread. I am hoping to narrow the field of products from which to choose and to develop an understanding of the tradeoffs between them. Some insight into the performance requirements of the WindDancer and the ability of a given system to meet those requirements would also be greatly appreciated. I would also hope that others who might be considering the WindDancer will benefit from anysuggestions and follow up discussion.

This is not to say that I expect to be provided a solution. I appreciate as little or as much help as anyone is kind enough to offer. But I still have a lot of homework to complete before I will fully understand and can intelligently comment on your suggestions.

I truly appreciate everyone's help!


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