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Originally Posted by Buzz
Hahahaha! Wasn't it horrible? I like the part where I'm looking straight up at the plane....and she's looking at my back! She knows I'm not normal. I don't know if she's made the connection to the R/C stuff yet though. I figure the scars from the rose thorns in my crotch will heal in a couple of days.

I was trying to explain to someone else that although I'm in the middle of 5 acres, it's all hungry pine trees except where we cleared for the house. So, I have to fly around in circles to get above the trees... then I can zoom all over the place. I'll tell Terry you like her yard work. I have no idea where the bump into the camera lens came from. It was one of those twitches that turns out funny.... it just bounced off and kept on going. I have another short video I'll post after while. It really shows how high the little ace has to fly here. Some of these trees are about 80 ft. tall.
Well you guys missed my bit of fun this morning. I "landed" my Sig Demoiselle in a 70' tall fir this AM. Fortunately it was only 2/3rds of the way up and this tree is easily climbable. But it wasn't all fun and games as the rigging will all have to be replaced and I spanked the trailing edge of the wing tossing it out of the tree. It sure was nice to sit up there at about 50' and watch the birds, bugs and spiders though. Somethings you just can't catch on video tape. Nosiree, you really need a Cranial Port to share the sights, smells, and sensations...

My wife wanted to get pictures of my adventures, but I thought, heck these guys have imaginations....

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