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I put a NextStar together for my son in early 2005. I got the basic plane, added my OS .46 AXI and Sky Sport radio (the older, not current version). I did not add the LE cuffs or the speed flaps.

Iíve found the plane flyís great, just like a basic trainer should. I did have to shim the right side of the engine mount 3/16Ē to keep it from pulling right on take-off and through loops. I regularly shoot touch-n-goís by cutting to idle when the plane is right across from me gliding to a smooth landing, and going to Ĺ throttle on the ensuing take-off. It does some of the nicest nose-high landings and most touch-n-goís never see the nose wheel touch the ground. While I had my son set the plane up, I made sure I did the stab alignment and expoxied the tail on as I didnít trust the plastic retaining bolts.

As far as aerobatics go, itíll do the basics. Mine is not a good roller, but loops respectable. It also requires rudder coordination and can be flown completely using the rudder (had to do that for part one flight when the retaining screw on the aileron servo horn came off and I had an instant no ailerons condition. I have since spent many a flight shooting nothing but touch-n-goís and not touching the ailerons.

Probably the most fun Iíve had is to climb it to 800í Ė 1000í just before it runs out of fuel and spend the next several minutes just gliding it back.

Iíve flown several NextStarís and found that itís very good design. Just leave off the speed flaps. And it does fly much better with the leading edge cuffs removed.

After over a 1-1/2 years of flying (probably 300+ flights) itís not oil soaked, and the landing gear is showing only a little bit of slop. Overall one of the better trainers Iíve flown, and I highly rate it as a basic trainer.
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