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You bought the RTF. That is the problem and will continue to be so. I got tired of fighting all the hassels ( glitchs) ect, being shot down by other 27 and 72 mhz signals as I progressed in RC flight. There is ALOT of noise out there. I owned the A version and B version and the Tyhoon which used the radio you got with the C version. I know all about those WEIRD glitchs and strange stuff that happens. You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure it out. If you fly with this 72 an 27 equpiment , it is reality you have to deal with.

One easy to check problem, with cheap Tx's is the battery compartments, the AA batts come loose with trans port . Need to always check batt and be sure they are snapped in tight right before flying. I have beening standing there and the damn batterries drop right out of the Parkzone transmitters.

I have seen as many as 4 planes go down at once at a park in VA I flew at. No one is sure why . There are SO MANY worries now with fathers and sons trying out their first plane in the back yard ........with a 3/4 mile radius , who ever can be sure who is sitting in his house testing a 72 mhz plane while you are out there trying to fly. TOns of noise, towers you name it. I had a fellow jump out of this camaro ( obviously a begginer ) turned on is PArkzone, and watched my Park zone fallout of the sky. He had no idea that he should check with me to see IF he might be interfering . TOO MANY PARK FLYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is 2.4 gig Spektrum system.

I'm buying the "C" plug and play model , and adding a 2.4gig SpektruM RX and my own TP 2100 batt. If I crash , then it my fault.

I can't see why ParkZone even offered the "C" plane w to more advanced flyers with that cheapy transmitter system. Msot people that are ready for that plane would want to use thier own better TX/RX. But that is another rant.

Anyway , if you want to to fly hassle free and are serious about staying in RC park flyers. Buy the Spektrum system and JUST be done with it. When you start to get in the 300.00 dollar range or nice planes you built , I can't afford 10 year old little tommy and his dad to shoot me down with their radio shack junk. I fly ALL my planes from 12oz to 6 pounds with this radio , Haven't had a glitch in 12 months. ZERO NO PROBLEMS!!! I see planes dropping out of the sky at parks and fields all around me, and guys cussing about glitchs. ANd NOW.. Ever time I go to the club field, there is another person with the Spektrum system. I can go ANY WHERE and fly my planes with confidence.

The Spektrum Dx is the BEST 200.00 you will ever spend in RC . Quit scratching your head .....with a don't know what happened it just quit wonder what went wrong.

I will buy the GAS Spektrum system when it becomes available too. Maybe I'll buy my first gas plane

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