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Can you say "Hacker 20-20L"?

Originally Posted by Lenny970
Maybe it would be helpful to ask the outrunner pilots to list their motor during registration. I think that list would be good information for other prospective flyers.
Sure. I think we wanted to do that anyway. I'll start asking around.

Here's all the people I know to ask.

Aradhana Singh Khalsa - Hacker 20-20L
Bruce Twining - Hacker 20-20L
Buzz Averill - Hacker 20-20L
Fred McClung - Hacker 20-20L
John Ihlein - Hacker 20-20L
Dale Nutter - Hacker 20-20L
Philip Brister - Hacker 20-20L
Iain Glithero - Hacker 20-20L
Dick Moore - Hacker 20-20L
Jon Padilla - Hacker 20-20L
Richard Shagam - Hacker 20-20L
Dan Tandberg -
Rex Burton - Hacker 20-20L

If you are not on the list but are flying a compliant Outrunner (within 28 mm diameter by 16 mm length stator size [rotating part of the motor with the magnets]), please speak up either with a post or a PM to me and we'll get the info out to those who would like to know.

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