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Stop the glitching

If anyone is having the glitching problem, I have a simple solution. People have referred to it as an rpm situation but i dont think it is. After messing with the throttle with a full battery and a low battery the glitching, (crazy unstable flying) is when the throttle is at the 2nd or 3rd step from the bottom on the tx. (not sure why but that is how i see it).

Solution 1 easy....get a piece of modelling clay the size of a small pea. That will weigh approximately .6 - .8 gram and affix it to the bottom of the heli under the main shaft. It now requires the higher throttle settings to fly. I have found that once the resting voltage of the battery gets down to about 4.0 the glitching goes a higher throttle setting is needed to fly. The other alternative is just to undercharge the battery to only about 4.0 volts.

Solution 2 is harder...afix a shottkey diode between battery and motor to reduce voltage approx .2 -.3 volts and again a higher throttle setting will be required to fly as the voltage to the motor will be reduced by .2-.3 volts. Got this idea from the guys in DIY electronics

Hope this helps. My next idea is to switch channels and see if that helps

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