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US F3B team selections Please READ

Congratulations to the TEAM... Tom, Aaron and Mike.

I would like to thank all the helpers that helped during the US F3B Team Selections.
Joe (a power flier who just happened to wander by Thanks for helping out)
The Loft member with the Mercedes (sorry I didn't get your name).
Any others I might have left off sorry.

These were dedicated people, and without their dedication this event would never have happened.

Thanks Dave for getting the site too.

Next I would like to discuss how few helpers we had. We are trying to send a world class team to the Worlds. We need help.
There was a time on the field that we couldn't run distance... we had only 2 helpers available for base B. So we ran speed. Luck delivered us 2 more people later and we were able to run distance.

While Muncie is a great flying site, it also might be a problem for us as well.
1) It doesn't introduce new people to F3B if we hold it in one place cycle after cycle.
2) We can't rely on the two clubs in the area to provide help cycle after cycle... (LOFT and DARTS). It has to move around to get helpers.
Without helpers a team selection can't be done properly. A minimum of 8 workers aside from the CD are necessary. 4 at base A and 4 at base B.

If your club would like to host an F3B event for the next cycle, now is a good time to start talking to your fellow club members. Moving the event around introduces the sport to other club members. Some might get hooked up, others may just want to see what can be a very cool event. Many think that F3B is a lot of work. Well truth is, it is and it isn't... You don't have to worry about winches. we provide them all.You don't have to worry about batteries.... the team members should provide them all. You may have to tell us where we can purchase legal batteries or rent them; if we have to fly in... we may leave the batteries with you (if purchased) when flying out... so your club can have some batteries for your Ford long shafts... We shag our own chutes. We provide most of the equipment necessary. There are a few things needed from your club... A computer to score.... A battery to run the scoring system, 2 siting devices for base A and B ...( but the AMA might provide that as well) Landing tapes (also might be available from the AMA)... A table to make reading the scoring computer easier... (it can be small) And some other odds and ends...(little flags or cones to mark a safety area)... A few of us have 100 meter tapes for measuring and 2 of us have steel pre-measured cables that can be brought to the event.

A timing system is available from the AMA so that doesn't need to be provided. We only have to make an effort to get it prepared to ship after the preceding NATS (F3B nats on an F3B team Cycle year).

We've had 5 new comers in the last 2cycles. 2 of which were hooked up just by having their club hold the event...

If you are interested in holding an event ping Joe Wurts and start the process now.. Joe can tell you more about it.

Lets face it we need to keep the program going. We need to make sure the next generation of world class fliers exist. If they don't see it they won't fly it.
When the NATS traveled it introduced people to flying in small communities around the states. I think when it stopped traveling we started sped up the attrition process. Don't let this happen to the FAI programs. Help keep America in it.
F3B is a spectator event unlike most soaring events. The distance and speed are on 150 meter closed course and are easy to watch.

We have a very good team this year. We have a great group of F3J juniors who made us proud this year. Please support the programs by hosting an event.

Jeff Steifel
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