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Build Log
MiG-21 "Fishbed" Park Jet

hey everyone!
ok, here is the next up... a little break/diversion from the B-1B. this was inspired by AC's MiG-21. i helped him convert his templates into CAD plans and then into pdf. he has a beta builder testing out his plans, so i expect that they will be released some time soon. after seeing his beautiful bird, and J's excellent example, i just had to design one myself. thanks to MLem, i've got a beta builder. i'm notorious for building them and then letting 'em sit before the maiden. it was a good month between completion and maiden of the mig-25. still haven't flown my f-4 and f-15 completed a couple months ago.

anyway, so, here it goes. MiG-21 Fishbed. pusher. i'm doing things the traditional soviet way... make 'em rugged and CHEAP! so, i used $8 servos (2) and a $15 brushless motor (BM2409-12). here are the stats:
WS: 26 7/8"
L: 51 1/2"
WA: 300sqin
AUW: 23oz (without paint)
WL: 11oz/sqft
Servos: 2 (aileron x1, elevator x1)
full flying stabs like in the original
Motor: BM-2409-12 (i think that's right)
Prop: 8x6?
Batt: 3s1p 2000mah-2600mah
Parts list: FFF, CF spar, hard wood motor mount, 0.055" paino wire, plastic tubing, magnets (1/4" dia x 1/8" thickness) (16 of them), aluminum foil, 2mm CF rod.

plans will probably be posted a) if there is enough interest and b) after she has had a successful maiden (which will probably be MLem or now, H-J)
here is a preview pic. the one in front is v2.0... about 3/4 finished.

Update: link to H-J's beta build maiden: excellent job H-J!
Update: another excellent video by H-J:

Update: (9/11/06) plans are available now. version 2.2. there are 2 pages, be sure to download both pages. there are also 2 'scout pics' to help with orienting the actual tiled pages.

Update: (11/30/06) plans updated on post number 324 for those of you having scaling issues. if you printer won't let you print out 100%, you can use the plans on post 324 which are enlarged to 106.383%. thus, when your printer shrinks it to 94%, it will print out to the correct scale.

Update: (7/10/09) plans updated: now available in ANSI E untiled format.

Update: (3/2/10) plans updated to v2.31: now available in ANSI E untiled format and also fixed the stabilator CG to 23% MAC.
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