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Prop-er, I am so glad you decided to give this one a go. As for mine I have not gotten any further than I have shown in my thread.

Isn't this just one of the coolest designs you ever saw? I couldn't help myself when I saw it and you have seen the result thus far.
I have done quite a bit of studying on the design and though it was originally meant for U control I just knew it could be made to work with modern light R/C gear. The design should fly very simply like a flat plate design such as a flying stop sign or flying pizza. Controls should be just elevons on the bottom wing at the rear plus throttle. I do believe you could add rudder if you really wanted to but you need to make it have a large area for it to have effect. I personally don't think it needs rudder control to be a nice flyer.

I like what you have done with the design lengthening the nose and then transistioning it to be round. Looks nice. Should make the design a little less pitch sensitive than I expect mine to be but at the same time might make it a bit more difficult to balance. Now if you were to extend the tail moment an eaqual amount or a little more you might like the flight characteristics better. This too would make the rudder more effective and less twitchy in response.

Thank you for noticing my effort and bringing notice to it.I can see now I need to get it underway again. By the way the span on mine is about 26.5"

Have you given any thought to Landing gear? I know it just adds weight and in the beginning I was leaving it out but I do think secondary versions would look really cool with either tail dragger or trike gear.

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