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The blade numbers go up to 11
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Joe and Ron, I found a company called Dexter Magnetic Technologies . The part number is PN36A1284B, you'll find it if you click on "permanent magnets" then "neodymium iron boron" the scroll down until you find "rings". The part is listed there. Joe, as far as switched reluctance motors go you'll be on your own. I intend to make one as I believe the they will replace our permanent magnet motors one day. They offer significant benefits in terms of power density due to the rotor being made with teeth rather than solid (even though iron is more dense then NdFeB) but the most significant thing for all of us tinkerers is that there are no magnets to buy and fry when things get too hot. The down side is the horrible noise they make and the vibration (allegedly). You won't be able to use a brushless controller so there's another project in it's own right. They are gaining poularity in industry so it wont be long until there are driver chips available, but I think most of them will be for 5 or six poles. When I do my 2 pole single phase brushless I shall be trying a two pole switched reluctance rotor as well, I'll keep you posted if you like. cheers, Stu.
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