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Hey Ray,

That ad looks great and seems like the GWS Beaver is the highlite of the ad.

Don't get me wrong here....I started flying RC with a GWS Zero and Piper J3 Pico Cub and I have very found memories of these models and will not forget the excitment I had everytime I went out to the field to fly!!!

Once said that...I like to point out something that I really did not like on my GWS Beaver and that's the flimsy paper thin wing assembly it comes with. My first wing cracked and ripped in mid flight because one of the wing struts came loose and the entire weight of the model was now on the wing root. Certainly, as you know and many here are reading....people has realized this and perhaps modified their models to support a double strut arrangement so this will not happen again.

Let me point out some competition that is very real in this market and instead of GWS providing many new models, I think it is time that GWS mproves on what they have out in production already!'s a prime example of what I am talking about! (Competition!)

The Hobby Zone Super J3 Cub made of EPP foam was very impressive!!! There were two club members (Moon Port) that arrived with this RTF and they topped off the 7-cell 2/3A size 1,100mAH, Ni-MH battery pack and inserted into the model underneath (hatch compartment) and made sure that 480 Brushed motor in geared form had enough thrust and it took off very scale like off the grass field.


Later in the morning another member came with the identical model and Ron, the club president took it way up high and it flew for a couple of seconds inverted! Ron then, powered off the model and it came in for a very smooth landing and it took quite sometime to come down powered off, I mean for $159.99 this RTF is truely a RTF that flys out of the box!
Notice that the Hobby Zone Super Cub has a full airfoil and not an undercamber paper thin wing. Also, note that the Hobby Zone's Super Cub is made of EPP foam instead of injected foam.

I am sure those visiting this thread would like to continue buying GWS models, however, I feel that competition is closing in.
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