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Thanks Joe,

I am used to seeing a white stripe on the barges that the Navy owns. Some have black below the white stripe and grey above.

I didnt have as good of trials as I was hoping. First it was windy. No biggy the barge just got pushed around a little making it a little more of a challange to tow around. A small amount of water made it into the hopper but no biggy again. I put my Kate Massey in the barge for some ballast and that helped it not get blown around. but I did find that after a few minutes on the water the bow started getting a little lower in the water. I bought it back into shore and found the hull was quite full of water. This water came in from the top not soaked in through the outer hull. I did not provide any means of draining water out of the double skin I thought I sealed it up so I would not have to worry about that. (I was WAY off on that one) After a few minutes upside down I got alot of the water out of it but there was enough inside to warp every piece of wood inside the hopper. Thankfully none of the outer hull warped. I have gutted most of the inner hull and will not be restoring that portion of the barge, at least not like I did the first time. I am going to resin the inside now that I have the inner part out. For the inner structure I dont know if I am going to restore it with plastic or leave it out all together I will figure that out later right now I have some repairs to do.

Pics will come a little later tonight

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