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19th August

Round three went very smoothly. The organisation was superb and we got through the flights quickly. The air was excellent with a slight breeze blowing across the course. The scores keep going up and up. Marco Cantoni managed 50 quite early in the day and later on Wolf got 53 which included a motor on into the course, so we might see 54 or even more for the real event. Who can tell? But it will definitely be a battle between three or four pilots - Thomas wont have it all his way.

The Brits did not do so well! I crashed after missing a base B turn and then tip-stalling trying after going back. I was on track for 45 or 46 so it was more than a little annoying. Hopefully the weather will stay like this and I can prove that I can do 45/6 for real in the World Championships. Dave did 45 (I think) but then his cells vented and he had to land early. George did 43 (I think) but his motor decided not to switch on (possibly too hot), so he got a low score too. A frustrating day but better now than in the real thing I suppose.

I managed to get a picture of Heiko Greiner's model. Designed in collaboaration with Guntmar Rueb and Markus Moekli. It utilises a very thin fuselage, presumably to cut down on profile drag. The Raketenwurm's now look fat!
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